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So several weeks ago (or what seems like several weeks ago even though it was only technically 11 days) I was "tagged" by Tom at the Tao of Masonry (try saying that 10 times fast...starting now!) with a Meme. Meme's seem to be the "it" thing these days among bloggers, mainly as a way to challenge their fellow blogger friends to reveal more information about themselves. It's almost like getting picked on to speak in front of the class...but the class is full of really cool people who are listening to your every word. So when you're tagged by your peers it is a pretty special feeling...knowing that someone out there really likes what you do (cue violin and tears).

This particular meme calls for the tagged blogger (in this case myself) to pick five posts that I feel identifies, or gets to the core of my blogging. Now I know I had viewers vote on what their favorite posts were last year and among those you'll find my "best" stuff. However to single out five posts after a year plus of blog postings is pretty tough. Do you single out the most disgusting? The most humorous? Or the one that required the most thought?

Anyway, my apologies to Tom for being tardy on my tag response, but without further adieu, here is my "Death By Blog Meme":

The posts I feel best identifies or gets to the core of this blog are (in no particular order):

1) The Rules of Pedestrian Engagement
This particular post took me a few days to write and while the idea could have been more expanded upon, was an idea I had (albeit a bit nonsensical) that incorporated original thought as well as plenty of sarcasm and humor. Plus the bonus came when Time Out New York ran a similar idea a few months later in their magazine, and nearly (and apparently coincidentally) incorporated many of the same ideas that were published within this particular post. So kudos to me for beating them to the punch!

2) If the food's so bad for you, then why are there no fat chinese people?
I loved writing this post because it grew out of another nonsensical thing that popped into my head. Plus it allowed me to incorporate my favorite comedian of all time, John Pinette, and played upon my strength of sarcasm (especially with the absorbing calories through your skin part). I think the best line from this post was Egg Roll meet Duck Sauce, Duck Sauce meet Egg Roll. I crack up whenever I have an egg roll now, and always chuckle to myself when I'm dipping the egg roll into the duck sauce for the first time. I hope you enjoyed that post too.

3) The Ultimate Shower Songs...Part one and deux
I loved writing the ultimate shower songs because it was the first real thing i published on my blog (besides my first post on american idol). It was an idea I had for years, spurred on by watching hours of those Time-Life infomercials with the best songs of the 80s, 90s, barbershop classics, etc. So I finally had a venue to express my take on the whole singing in the shower thing that everyone seems to do but no one readily admits too. I'm still hoping that Fox or one of the networks will pick this up as a competition. Really. Would you rather watch someone singing in the shower or someone trying to remember a line while singing karoake.

Although you know what? Fuck it. I'm producing my own Shower Songs segment soon and publishing it right here on this blog. That's right. You heard it here first. Video and all! (no worries, the camera won't be in the shower with me, it'll be behind the curtain). So if you have any suggestions on songs you'd like me to sing besides the ones published already on this blog please reply to this post or email me with your suggestions. Thanks!

4) Good Humor Friday
Ice cream. Politics. Religion. Bad business practices. What else could you ask for in a blog posting? Any catholic who is looking for an alternative to giving up meat for lent should push for Good Humor Friday!

5) Staring Problem
Why? Well because it shows my typical thought process and the random trains of thought that race in and out of my head. Plus it showcases my ability to draw in completely random references (in this case, Seinfeld, Austin Powers, Soul Train and Broadway Bill Lee) that somehow all tie together nicely. I think that's the essence of this blog...random bullshit that is funny and somehow makes sense (sometimes).

Anyway, that's my "death by blog meme" response.

I guess I now have to "tag" 5 other people to keep this meme going lest I want to end up with Influenzia or Scurvy or some other untreatable disease that the "chain gang" would punish me with.

Soooo...i'd like to "tag" (sorry guys!):

Tortious: CDP - I're thinking fuck...another tag! But if you needed something to write about on a rainy day ;)

Laurie Kendrick: Laurie has some doozy posts to share from the past few I'm sure she can think of 5 good ones!

Ration Reality: Sorry Jesse/BOE/Ape...but you guys have some great shit to gloat about so this should be easy for you.

Stiletto: Sorry Stiletto...another "tag" for you...but consider this one a "love tap" so to it'll give you an easy blog post if you don't feel like writing something someday.

And last but not least I want to tag the "Panel of Experts". Why? Because I think their shit is funny. And even if they don't participate in this "meme" so be it...but I just wanted to call attention to how humorous they are!

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neil from the uk said...

nice recap...forgot how funny most of these were...awesome work as usual!