Sunday, October 29, 2006


Well after working this past weekend I'm off to lovely Aruba for a much needed vacation.

The webcam on the website is right next to the hotel I'll be staying at. I'll be sure to give the camera some waves :)

Either one of those links are to the live webcam.

Enjoy your week!

1 comment:

dennisintn said...

hopefully your friends and family will watch for your smiley face on the cam every morning to make sure you didn't "vanish" like natalee holloway. watch your drinks carefully, document fully your every move in case somebody else disappears and you, being a tourist, will naturally be blamed instead of the indigenous sexual predators on the island. they won't even protect or prosecute the rapists of their own women much less "one little tourist girl". and of course, blame has to be shifted somewhere, so the male companions of the "vanished" are naturally blamed.
have fun, check in often.