Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Juice ain't worth no two dollars!

So getting breakfast this morning at Chicken Deli on 33rd btw Park & Madison (good for a cheap breakfast if you're in the hood), a young male grabbed a bottle of juice - one of those V-8 Fusion drink things - and proceeded to hand the cashier a dollar bill.

The cashier responded: "$1.79"

The youth: "$1.79???"

The cashier: "$1.79"

The youth reluctantly pulled another dollar out of his pocket: "God dam...juice ain't worth no two dollars"

Is V-8's V-Fusion worth two dollars?

I tried not to laugh but you know what - the kid is right. A 10 ounce drink used to be a buck. But not anymore...and definitely not in midtown. But I feel for you son, I agree that juice ain't worth no two dollars.

And while we're talking about price gouging...do an experiment and see how much your local deli charges you for Vitamin Water. Up in East Harlem, I can get a 20 oz bottle (regular size) for $1.50. At our little newsstand in my building on Park & 33rd, I can get Vitamin Water for $2. But go to any food place, deli, etc, and you're paying $2.50-$3.00 for it. Ridiculous. Maybe next time I should complain and say "Vitamin Water ain't worth no three dollar"!

Anyway, thank you to the Yankees for actually showing up last night. Although they still have this problem with the whole manufacturing runs thing. Runners on 1st and 2nd with no one out, and they don't score a run in the inning. That's the kind of shit that's prevented them from winning championships these past few seasons. Although for the first time ever I actually gave Jorge Posada a standing ovation. Yep (all my friends probably just had a heart attack upon hearing that). I've long thought Posada was a bit overrated, mainly because despite being one of the best catchers in baseball, he's consistantly failed to be clutch when they needed him, especially in the postseason. Anyway, I gave him an ovation when he tried to lay down a bunt for a hit. I couldn't believe it. A bunt. I turned to the guys behind us and said where was that when they played the Red Sox in 04 in Game 6 when Schilling had his ankle hanging from his leg by sutures. Makes sense right?

Anyway it was like fight night at the stadium last night. Every two seconds someone was being thrown out. Probably cause half the stadium was Red Sox fans and the Yankee fans are getting desperate for wins at this point. Although almost every fight involved a girl. I guess that shouldn't surprise me though because when you have a group of drunk girls in Red Sox jerseys sitting next to a group of drunk girls in Yankees jerseys...well you can only guess the conversation won't be where they happen to get their manicures from.

The one thing that kept me "cool" last night were Dippin Dots. You know, the self proclaimed "Ice Cream of the Future". Although they've been saying that for the last 10 years now so maybe it's time for a new slogan! Anyway, I had never had them before, but Bridget picked me up some chocolate dots on her way back from getting a beer. And you know what, they weren't half bad.

Dippin Dots - The Ice Cream of the Future

The dots just melt in your mouth and they have a crunchy but soft texture to them. Definitely a tasty treat. Although Bridget nearly ate my whole dish of them. So I had to bust out the Napoleon Dynamite on her. "Gosh, get off my dots. Get your own dots. Gosh." But pretty good stuff if you ever need a sweet treat sometime!

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neil from the uk said...

ice cream as dots??? has the world gone mad???