Thursday, May 18, 2006

Do the Humpty Hump. Do the Humpty Hump

So walking to work this am we saw a common site for Bridget & I...pigeons trying to get it on. This got me thinking...are pigeons and humans that much different in that respect?

The male pigeon puffs up his chest like an intoxicated meathead on the jersey shore. He struts around jerking his neck back and forth and stalks the female pigeon causing her to run away. This continues for a few minutes, with the ultimate goal of the male pigeon being to mount the female pigeon from behind. So you tell me how's that's different from most males? Besides the fact humans don't have carte blanche to go shit all over everything in sight. But as far as mating is concerned there's a close connection. Something to ponder as the summer season rolls around, and the mating season begins!

Until next time...Stay Classy Carmen San Diego.

1 comment:

olore said...

easy on the Jersey shore there big guy... ah screw it, I live here but I don't feel the connection just yet.

i'd love to meet the guys you been hanging out with lately, they sound like a bunch of winners.

don't go givin us all a bad name. for crying out loud, my daughter might read your blog some day.

keep it real yo