Friday, December 15, 2006

Darrell Hammond

So I had the opportunity to go to Gotham Comedy Club on Wednesday night to see a show with up and coming comics. My coworker Carol is friends with some comedians who were on stage that night so I went to check out the show.

The third guy to the stage was a surprise guest, Darrell Hammond from Saturday Night Live! Well when she called his name no one was there. She waited, called his name again and he comes stumbling over to the stage. We were sitting right next to the main entrance for the stage and Darrell knocked down Carol's beer on our table. He was wasted. He actually made a comment saying he wasn't ready yet. He still had his jacket on and was walking with a limp. Everyone thought he was doing an act, but he was actually wasted. He asked for a diet coke and after a minute or two of stumbling around the stage, he recovered enough to do a great set. He mostly did some Clinton and Bush impersonations which were awesome to hear in person. Anyway funny to see him perform even though he wasn't a headliner.

However the comic who really brought down the house was Jessica Kirson (she was on Last Comic Standing). She was absolutely hysterical. If you like comedy, definitely go check her out. Her website is

Anyway, definitely go check any show out if you need a laugh. Gotham actually redid their space, looks a lot nicer now.

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