Friday, November 02, 2007

Story from today's youth

So couldn't resist putting this up real quick. I found this paper on the street outside a public school in East Harlem.

It's a story written by a 4th grader entitled:

When I fell off the slied

"One day on a monday I did go to school becauses my sister alway wake me up when it time for school But she didn't this time. My Mom was mad at me becaues I didn't go to school and learn what we was learning today then I ask my mom can I go outside and she said we all going outside. Then when we got outside to the park aross the street when me and my mom when in the park then I saw my friends Then I started to play tag then I tryed to Jump over the slied then all I saw was my face on the floor then I went to my mom an ask her do I have stuff on my nose and she siad nothen my mom said be careful and I said ok then I finish playing. Then we went upstairs then I went to school on tuesday."

Congrats young have broken the record for most uses of the word then in a story.

I can't believe how poorly this is written. Then again I guess it shouldn't surprise me. I mean that's the way their parents and family speak so it's not like their learning proper grammar in their households.

It's a shame really. Today's teachers have a tough job educating our youth...and I have nothing but respect for them. Cause if a student gave me this story, I'd be like Boo, you out yo goddamned mind ain't no one write a story about no fallin off no slide then tell everyone that their momma told her that their ain't nothin on her nose and shit, fool...

Anyway, on a more inspirational note, here's a short video of a remarkable young man who is trying to finish 50 marathons. Jay Pisano has cerebal palsy and races backwards in a wheelchair. Jay is running the NYC Marathon on Sunday and hopefully anyone in the city will get the chance to root this young man on.

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