Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A tree grows in Brooklyn

And so does some koi. And some plants. And some sod.

So for those who haven't seen my "yard" in Brooklyn since those rockin Graduation and New Years Eve parties of 1998, probably won't believe how "dramatic" the changes to my house's yard have become.

Basically if you haven't been there before, it's a roughly 24' x 30' parcel of land that used to have two large trees. Not many people in my neighborhood have yards so this was something to be cherised. For a short time we had a swing set which took away from valuable whiffle ball space. But for the last few years it's basically been an area for the dog to take a shit in.

Well now things have changed and good ole Max has his own "dog run" now. Also shoved into this lot of land is a Gazebo, a Koi pond, a Swing, a bed of vegetables, and other landscaping features.

If you can't imagine all this fitting into a little 24' x 30' piece of property, take a look at this (click on the photos for a larger view):


JTW said...

Nice. Print out this posting and you'll receive $25 off a one-night stay at the Jette-A-Lago hotel and spa, conveniently located in Brooklyn's scenic Gerritsen Beach.

Honestly, not as bad as you made it sound-- kind of charming, am sure your mom LOVES it. Although I don't see where you can play wiffle ball or beirut anymore.... Oh well.

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