Wednesday, July 05, 2006

So this is how the other half lives

Hope everyone had a nice July 4th weekend. It was good to have the Marist Crew back together again. For those that missed Saturday's whiffle ball festivities in Central Park, you missed me ripping my shorts in half. I should've taken pics or video but had I remembered that I had those capabilities on my camera instead of laughing my ass off, maybe you could see what I was talking about it if you missed it. Anyway it was a funny moment.

Bridget and I were in Long Island on Mon/Tues, Merrick to be exact, and got invited to a house party with Bridget's brother and his family. For those that don't know, Merrick is a nice town on the South Shore of LI, predominately made up of Jewish and Italian families. This party happened to be at a Jewish household, evidenced by the thick accents and the Israeli flags planted in the flower boxes on the back deck. Like the line in Goodfellas, "It was liked we died and went to Jew Heaven".

Anyway, the hosts were nice, but a fugly group considering how rich they were. Actually mostly everyone there was dressed sloppily considering the wealth of riches. The homeowner is an attorney who obviously does well considering the house is on the inlet of the bay with a direct view of Jones Beach. They have a back deck with a small hot tub (2-3 seater) and steps that lead down to a deck area with built in pool. The pool was about 20' long by 10' wide, so ok size considering it's on a deck. The most surprising thing about it was the lifeguard. Yep, a lifeguard. At someone's house. Watching would could be considered at best an oversized kiddie pool. You're kidding right? Plus the lifeguard was black which led to such prejudicial comments as "Make sure you watch my child extra closely". I rolled my eyes when I heard that one. Anyway, the family also had a maid that doubled as a server for the party. There at one point was 50-60 people at the house so I guess that was necessary. The other funny fun fact was the son, who was probably 14-15 years old and a bear of a kid, about 5'8" and 200+ pounds, had his own personal trainer. Who happened to be at the party. Although watching this kid down 5 pieces of cake in 30 seconds you wonder how much money the parents are throwing away on this little perk.

Anyway so Bridget and I had a taste of the Jewish rich life, complete with all of the obviously pre brought at BJs cakes and cookies, you know the 100 cookies for $2 variety, and other badly made cakes. Except for a cake that was obviously home made. It was a Honey and raisin pound cake that tasted just like my grandmother used to make. So that was the highlight of this party. Again, forgetting to take video or pictures you'll just have to trust me on this one.

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