Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Heard in the bathroom today I'm taking a piss (whiz, wizzer, leak, etc if you prefer other terms) and there's a guy in the stall. I think he knows I was there. I hope he did. Anyway I hear some groaning. Which is normal I guess if you're trying to push one out. But then he starts talking to himself. "Ooh, come on...yeah, come on".

Now a) I'm dead serious. I wish I could make this shit up. b) I'm all for providing encouragement when needed, even to your bowels. But mumble to yourself. Don't announce it.

He kept going and talking, and I didn't know if he was rubbing one out or building a tower of lincoln logs at this point. I thought of Austin Powers with the whole who does #2 work for scene. Thankfully I had finished, washed my hands and left the room before I heard anything else.

You've heard me blog about bathroom behavior before, but this one was ridiculous. So next time you're giving yourself encouragement in the big house, make sure no one else could hear you. Thanks.


Krystle said...

You are hilarious!

H8TORADE said...

sometimes you have to coax the great turtle head out of there with some kind words......