Tuesday, August 08, 2006

A man walks into a bar

Is normally the opening to most jokes. Or a variation being a priest, rabbi, etc walking into a bar. Well I'm here to tell you actually saw a man walk into a bar. Ok, it wasn't a bar, but more like a metal arm that closes in a garage entrance.

Bridget & I were walking on the UES on Sunday and I saw a guy walking up a garage ramp. I'm not sure why I kept watching but I'm happy I did. The guy was looking back into the garage as he made his way up the garage ramp to the street. He kept looking back and was getting closer to the arm that was closing before him. Suddenly he walked straight into the bar right as it fully closed and was stopped dead in his tracks. Bridget and I both saw him do this and he saw us see him do that. It was really funny. You just had to be there. He gave a smile and ducked under the arm. We tried not to laugh and were able to hold out for a block or two and just lost it. It's one of those moments I wish I had a camera running.

Anyway, could there be anyway less clutch than Jorge Posada. I'm mean really. He just grounded into a 4-6-3 DP with the bases loaded in the top of the 8th after the Yanks just took a 5-4 lead. After he swung at a shitty pitch and took two wild pitches and then swung at crap. I mean you're talking about a guy that has not one clutch hit to his name in a playoff or any postseason game. Completely overrated. I would trade him for a pound of Goya Rice and Beans. And that would be a steal for me.

Those who know me know my feelings about Posada. If the Yanks end up losing this game I'm sure Posada won't get blamed at all. Because he's the "golden child" and can do no wrong. Same went for Tino "Tina" Martinez. Yanks up 10-0 in the 5th, Tino/Posada hit a grand slam. Yanks down 5-4 in the 7th, they hit into a triple play. And when I go and boo them at the stadium I get daggers shot at me. Well screw you bandwagon whore with the Posada jersey. He sucks.

Post blog addendum
So I told you...Posada hits into that double play. Then Rivera gives up the HR to Konerko to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th. Then of course Jenks comes in and shuts the door because he's unhittable. And in the 11th A-rod can't field a foul ball that was sorta playable - had he looked up instead of running with his back to the ball the whole time. And then of course next pitch is laced into CF by Dye for the game winning hit. Typical Yanks loss...it's been that way since 2001. At least I'm happy Bridget and I have $5 tickets for the rest of the games we're going to...I wouldn't want to pay $50 to see the same shit over and over again. I wish they sucked again so you could go to the game for $10 and not have anyone sit within 30 seats of you. And you could cheer on an aging star like Mattingly while they're getting spanked by the Indians 15-1 in the 3rd inning. Oh well...maybe someday.

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