Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Is it just me?

Or does this seem like a terrible waste of milk?

I mean really. There's starving people in Africa...and East Harlem...who would love to have a glass of milk right about now and these two are just pouring it out like it was being handed out free on the street corner. Ridiculous. Well since this is a family, wholesome blog, let's concentrate more on the traditional milk image:

That's the proper way to use milk. Innocent. Paired with cookies. Not paired with thongs and whores!

Anyway maybe I'm just bitter because I was really craving some milk and cookies tonight but alas my milk went bad and my cookies are stale. Damn spoiled milk.
Anyway, guess I'll just have to wait for getting some cannoli's at Veniero's tomorrow. Yum.

Ok I'll stop drooling over the computer now. Until next time...enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend and eat plenty of Turdunkin!


Anonymous said...

Sweet Jesus...i have to disagree. Think that's a wonderful usage of milk!

Anonymous said...