Tuesday, November 21, 2006

White Castle for Thanksgiving?

So Krystal, for those who don't know, is very similar to White Castle. Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Castle. My record is 30 burgers in one sitting. I've been known to knock back a dozen before you can blink an eye. Anyway, I guess I have some competition out there. Joey Chestnut, the top competitive eater in the U.S., is the record holder at the Krystal eating competition. He ate 28 burgers in 2 minutes. Pretty sick. He's also the one who ate 52 hot dogs at Nathan's this year, only 2 dogs short of Kobayashi. Here's Joey in action:

Nasty stuff. He's a hero to us all. If I had only known this was a competitive sport years ago, I'd probably reign supreme!

Anyway, as you sit down at the table this Thanksgiving, think of shoveling mashed potatoes or stuffing into your mouth as fast as you can and think of all the Joey Chestnut's of the world who do this for a living and aspire to be them. For if America is the fattest country on the planet, we might as well be the fattest and fastest eaters! It's time to take Kobayashi down! USA! USA!

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Anonymous said...

Joey is the man. Although I wonder if he shit his pants while eating them. Krystal is made of horse shit afterall! LOL