Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sidewalk Landmines

So my normal morning walk to the subway consists of dodging various sidewalk landmines, mostly consisting of piles of shit (dog - not human. although you never know in the ghetto!). Today was exceptionally bad for whatever reason as there was (as this is no exagerration) at least 10 piles strategically placed on the sidewalk. Its a good thing I was at least half awake so i was able to nimbly navigate my way through without incident. Although it looks like some others weren't as fortunate.

This got me thinking, isn't there supposed to be a fine for not curbing your dog? Or does that only count in "nice neighborhoods?". If that happened on lets say York and 75th, you'd have an uproar and lawsuits would be filed and persecuters would be hung. I've definitely heard of people getting fined for not curbing their dog in some places. So why not us? Obviously cops avoid the ghettos like the plague, but wouldn't it make sense once in a while to have someone on guard dishing out tickets? What's the fine these days for that offense? $25? $50? Well whatever it is, you'd have 10 times that number on mornings like today.

So instead of those "officers" who go around checking meters and registrations, how bout you put them on shit duty (no pun intended) once in a while. If you catch 10 people per morning on just one block alone, well that's at least $250 for the city right there. Have a few people roaming the streets and you're looking at an easy grand for the city each day. Do that 5 days a week for an entire year and you're looking at over $250,000 for the city in revenue. Not a ton but not bad right? Plus the streets would be a hell of a lot cleaner. So if anyone from the D.O.T. or the NYPD is reading, let's start cracking on this....thanks!

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