Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Kramer Tirade

Everyone may have heard, but some, including me, haven't seen the Kramer tirade from the other night. Someone caught it on their cellphone:

Holy crap! He was doing ok until he started using the N-Word. That did him in.

Anyway, here's Kramer's heartfelt apology. Love Seinfield jumping in to defend him. Kramer looks absolutely devasted over it. Poor guy. Everyone flips out on stage once in a while. I'm glad Letterman wasn't a dick and throw him under the bus.

It reminds me when were at Dangerfield's a year ago when people walked out on a comic who responded hatefully to being heckled. It's not an easy thing for the comic nor the audience. It really is a thankless business. Heckling is fun, but people do push the limits cause they feel it's their right. Not saying the comic is wrong for responding with racist remarks, but sometimes when you're in the spotlight and someone is taking shots at you from a distance your tendancy is to respond with hateful words. And it's sad. Just a no-win situation for everyone.

Anyway, on that note hopefully everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving. Enjoy with some images of turkey being taken down. Courtesy of OutdoorLife ;)

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