Wednesday, February 14, 2007

For the Dogs

So like all of you animal lovers out there I'm sure your eyes were glued to the Westminster Kennel Club 2007 Dog Show last night on USA. With all of the Grammy and Oscar hype, the dog show gets lost in the mix a bit. Although I think its sometimes just as good of a show and some of the dogs are a lot better actors and singers too!. Would you rather hear a spaniel bark or Shakira sing? Case rested.

For those who haven't been paying attention, last night an English Springer Spaniel named James won Best in Show. And I was excited because James appears to be a normal dog and is not one of those "fashion poodles" that look like Billy Ray Cyrus with a bad mullet.

Two such poodles were in the best in show ring last night and i'm happy to report neither won! Thank god. There's nothing worse than a primped out dog scampering around the show ring saying "look at me, i'm pretty". I mean it takes hours each day just to groom these poodles. Poodles were made to retrieve waterfowl, not primp in the mirror for hours a day. But whatever floats your boat I guess.

Anyway I was pleased and shocked to see that on Monday during the group finals, my sister's dog made it into the non-sporting group! Well not her actual dog, but his breed, the good ole American Eskimo. Although I can definitely vouch my sister's dog Max is a non-sporting dog. He neither retrieves nor fetches. He is very active though, and a lot better looking than those stupid poodles.

But glad to see Eskimos are finally getting their due!

Anyway, happy Valentines Day everyone. A special shout out to my sister Abe who is celebrating her 21st today. And a big shoutout to "my significant other" Bridget on our 4 year anniversary!

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