Monday, February 12, 2007

Grammy Observations

So I watched the Grammy awards last night for the first time in eons. Pretty entertaining as most of the program is dedicated to actual music being played rather than 2 hour long acceptance speeches. Anyway, it was still a long program, but here are some of my observations:

Shakira is a terrible singer. I know, she's hot. And the girl can dance. But seriously she sounded terrible on the Grammys. I know she has a "distinctive" (i.e. Nasal) tone but without the help of a recording studio it sounded terrible. Maybe she should stick with belly dancing. If it wasn't for Wyclef I probably would've hit the mute button.

Smokey Robinson got some work done. I mean he's 125 years old and he looks more plastic than Ken (of Barbie fame). Now we know why his new album is called Timeless Love. Maybe he's been hanging out with Kenny Rogers too much. Hard to see from this picture but just trust me on this, he didn't look good. His eyebrows were definitely lifted something fierce.

The Dixie Chicks get on my nerves. I said it. Kudos to them I guess for winning 20 Grammys but I think that was all part of a political "we hate Bush" voting scheme drummed up by the academy. I mean everyone wants him out of the White House right...who's his biggest enemy?? You guessed it - The Dixie Chicks. I smell conspirarcy. You're gonna tell me their record and album and song was better/more popular than JTs "Sexy Back" or Chili Peppers "Dani California". I think not.

Gnarls Barkley has a great voice. But did he have to come dressed like Murdock (Kareem Abdul Jabbar's character) from Airplane? Didn't get the whole pilot look. Anyway Bridget made the observation of the night when she said Barkley looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters. I think you'd agree! (Click for a larger image and tell me what the difference is!). Did anyone check to see if he was drinking Ecto Cooler last night???

Best vocals of the night are a tie between Mary J. Blige and Christina Aguliera. Both of them belted out heart felt renditions. Both sounded great as well. Well done ladies.

John Mayer is very talented, but he needs to cut his hair. Him and Jessica Simpson are turning into freaks. Literally. Watching Mayer perform during the Grammys and seeing some of his facial reactions, he started to remind me of Edward Sissorhands.

That's a few of the comments I had so far. Enjoy your Monday. I'm Ron Burgundy?


olore said...

You rock.

I miss slimer

Anonymous said...

hysterical. dead on. awesome job as usual. if i see this comparison anywhere else (barkley/slimer) i'll know they stole it off you!