Monday, August 13, 2007

And here I thought I was being original...

So before I left for Michigan this past weekend I had told my lovely girlfriend Bridget that I'll miss her, but that absence makes the heart grow fonder (i know...can I get some figs with that sap). Except when I said it I kind of slurred the word absence, and it sounded like I said Abinsthe.

We laughed and then I thought wait, that would make an awesome marketing campaign! Abinsthe makes the heart grow fonder could be a perfect tagline for an alcoholic beverage that is known to have "mysterious powers".

Makes the heart grow fonder

I thought it was a perfect idea. Original. Never thought of before. I was a genius right?

Well..frankly no. About a few thousand other people apparently have thought of that idea before. Thanks to a quick Google search, oh about 25,000 or so. No shit. Don't I feel like an asshole now. I was gonna design this whole marketing idea around a bottle of Abinsthe and a drunken love connection but no need to do that now I guess. In fact there's a whole bunch of musicians who have even wrote songs entitled "Abinsthe makes the heart grow fonder".

Now, either I'm as smart and witty as a few thousand people or I'm a dumbass for thinking of an idea that's been thought of a thousand times already (hopefully it's the former, but I know you guys will tell me it's the latter).

Nonetheless my mood deflated once I saw I wasn't original on this idea afterall.

So I have nothing else to say at the moment. My creative inspiration was sucked right out of me. It's like finding out Pluto is no longer a planet. Just alone. Out there. Inconsequential.

Pluto, my friend, I feel your pain

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neil from the uk said...

ah yes...abinsthe...glad to see its finally becoming legal over there...good luck w/ the stoners.