Sunday, August 05, 2007

End of innocence

So apparently our beloved Mr. Softee was delivering tasty treats of a different kind in Queens. Mr. Softee driver Jermaine Jordan was recently busted for dealing pot and cocaine out of his Mr. Softee truck.

"People would approach and place their order," a police source said. "The bottom of their cup would contain their purchase, either cocaine or marijuana."

Sweet. But what about those people who purchased a cone? Were the sprinkles laced with coke? Was the vanilla and chocolate twist soft serve laced with some good ole homegrown pot?

So I guess only those who purchased their ice cream in a cup were lucky enough to get the drugs. That's the biggest form of discrimination I've seen in years. I'm a cone guy through and through. Waffle or sugar. Doesn't matter. Who could resist the crunch of a cone while you're biting into some soft ice cream. But why would you discriminate against us when you're dealing out your leafy and powdery goodness?

Of course I'm kidding about the cocaine though...although pot I wouldn't turn down. I mean if it's being offered and all. Especially Mr. Softee pot. The street value on that shit is off the hook.

Mr. Softee, serving the best pot for 50 years

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neil from the uk said...

so funny...yet so wrong!