Tuesday, August 07, 2007

She should have used the Princess

It's nice to be back to civilization after traversing through the land of endless miles of cornfields yesterday (I had to take a trip through the hills of South Eastern Missouri/Southern Illinois on my way to the Grand American Trapshoot in Sparta, IL). The heat (105 Heat Index) fried my brains to shreds and coming straight to the office off the plane didn't really help matters mentally. I've been stammering out sentences all day and my eyes are glazing over. In fact I don't even know if this is making any sense whatsoever right now! But I just saw an article I just couldn't resist "commenting" on.

So apparently this French girl tripped out on Shrooms' in Amsterdam and tried to jump off a building because she probably thought she could fly.

The article references that the young girl took "Magic Mushrooms", like the kind that's seen here:

I immediately thought of my favorite movie of all-time, Airplane II, where the wife is recalling on the plane the time the husband did some of that "bad acid" and thought he was jesus christ while he tried to jump off a roof cause he thought he could fly. (I'll have to vidcap the clip for you since it's no where to be found on YouTube). Anyway, since that reference is probably too random for most of you (except for my friends to whom I quote lines of Airplane on an almost daily basis), the other thing I thought of was Super Mario Brothers II and how by "eating" (or in this case squatting down and flipping) the mushrooms, you got an energy boost and you grew in size. (One day I need to talk about how fucked up the Japanese are by inventing these types of ideas in the first place (let's not forget the whole Tamagotchi debacle of the mid 90's. But I'll save that for another day...maybe when I'm tripping on shrooms myself!).

Since it's well documented how great the euphoric effects eating "magic mushrooms" are and assuming this girl at some point had played Super Mario Brothers II in her lifetime (although she was French...do they french even play video games?) she would have known that if she was going to jump off a building or ledge, she should have morphed into the Princess.

Only the Princess is able to float on air after consuming mushrooms

So let this be a lesson to all who plan on taking shrooms and then trying to jump off buildings. You only start out with 2 lives. Select your player wisely.

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neil from the uk said...

hah...yeah pretty sad...but she should have used the princess. lesson learned!