Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The big "trade" of the day

So as some of you know (and some don't) today was MLB's trading deadline and activity across the league was fast and furious. The Yankees shedded beloved everyday pitcher Scott Proctor for utilityman Wilson Betemit from the Dodgers. The Red Sox were winners in the Eric Gagne sweepstakes shedding away two minor leaguers for an former All-Star and save machine. The Braves and Rangers traded mexican for italian, as Mark "Tex-Mex" Teixeira was traded to the Braves for a few players including Jarrod "Saltimbocca" Saltalamacchia. I'm sure the folks in Texas will just LOVE pronouncing his last name for years to come.

But the real winners today my friends weren't any professional sports teams (including the Celtics who traded about 30 players and half of Southie for Kevin Garnett). No...the real trade win came today in New Jersey, where needle users got the right to exchange dirty needles for clean ones!


No longer should intravenous drug users have to suffer with dirty needles they pick off the streets! Now they can get that shiny ass, clean as a whistle, pointy ended new needle in which to inject drug after drug into their already drug ridden bodies!

Apparently New Jersey was the last state without a "legal way for drug users to get clean syringes". Never knew that. Although I'm sure they've had tons of other problems to deal with. Like asshole drivers who nearly kill their Governer or drive into toll booth barriers. Or fits of rage over a TV show who brought back the infamous "cut to black". Yes, the "armpit of NYC" had much deeper problems to worry about rather than spending tax dollars on supplying drug addicts with clean needles.

But I guess in medical terms, this "clean needle exchange" program was the trade of the day. Now I just need to find that pile of syringes I collected from the beach last week so I can trade them in for some new ones!

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