Monday, July 09, 2007

So hot hot in herre

Yes...I misspelled here...Nelly misspelled it too and he sold 10 trillion records. So maybe by misspelling it I'll get like 10 trillion page views. Not likely, but worth a shot.

Anyway I can't tell you how much I'm enjoying this whole dress casual to work and then change at work thing. It's been a lifesaver. I'm sweating half as much as I used to. The subway was packed this am, but I kept cool by wearing a polo shirt, cargo shorts and flip flops. Sure, my toes were nearly crushed to pieces 100 times. And yes, I did still sweat a little while trying to keep my duffel bag between my legs and avoid tipping over thanks to the people crashing into me. But you know what, my legs didn't sweat. None of those nasty sweats under your pants you can't get rid of the rest of the day.

Sure, people may look at you like you're not important. Or they may say, oh, he must be a camp counselor or look at that guy, he probably is a mail room clerk or something derogatory like that. And maybe the guys with the suits get more looks from the ladies than the guy dressing like he's going to the beach. But you know what...ask the guy in the suit who's more comfortable? He may look better, but ask him how the sweat feels that's running down his back? Let's see how he feels when the pit stains under his arms start showing up in 30 seconds.

I can't stress enough how dressing casually has done wonders for my mood in the morning. I went into my barber shop this barber asked me if I was going to the beach. I said with a chuckle, nope...going to work. I walked down the street and people looked at me with a mixture of curiousity and no doubt jealousy. I was "that guy" dressed like a California surfer amidst the throngs of "think I'm important" business people. Although the worst part is when I get to work and have to change. Off come the shorts, on go those restrictive pants. My mood deflats a bit. But at least I'm a little less sweatier to start my day. And I can take solice that for even a brief time this morning, it felt like a day at the beach. Minus the sand, surf and pina colada's of course.

Anyway, I saw this morning that Clay Aiken got "beat up by a girl" on a flight recently. According to reports: "the dispute was over the male passenger's foot resting on the woman's armrest. He said there was an allegation the woman gave the male passenger a "minor shove" during the argument."

I'm sure Clay was like "Bitch, I'm resting my foot on your armrest. Don't you know who I am. I'm Clay Fuckin Aiken. Now get on your knees and bow down in front of me".

And on the 8th day God created Clay

And then the girl stood up and Clay stood up. And the girl was much bigger and badder than Clay. And bopped him one right in the kisser.


neil from the uk said...

haha...very funny! poor clay...he's a poor man's rod stewart

The Brooklyn Boy said...

I too have recently discovered the wonders of dressing casually on the way to work. IT. IS. AMAZING. My crushed, flip-flop-clad toes are a badge of comfort in the face of gross humid heat. Thanks for dropping by the blog.