Friday, September 07, 2007

Everyone loves my giant peter

So on this "show and tell" Friday I figured I show everyone my giant peter!

Everyone who walks by my desk stops to play with my peter. They make it talk and laugh. They turn it on and off. One co-worker (who will remain anonymous for fear of nasty office rumors spreading) said as he walked by my cube: "I LOVE your giant peter!".

I guess I'm flattered. I mean I know I just got my giant peter a few days ago but had I known it would have been this popular I would have 'sprung' for one a long time ago!

(WAIT JUST A MINUTE - was that a 'funny' I just made! LOOK OUT...I think I'm feeling funny again!!! FINALLY! About fuckin time. Who's bringing funny back? Yeah!)

Anyway I guess I should share my giant peter with the rest of you.

So without further adieu here he and in the giant peter.

Wait for it.

Wait for it.

Cue Peter Griffin laugh.


Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,
Oh my God, How the heck did you get your giant Peter?

Anonymous said...

I can personally say now you have two giant peters.