Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Madeleine Found!!!...with Jesus no less?!

Cue Tom Brokaw and the Tom Brokaw voice.

Breaking news out of Morocco today...A photo taken by a tourist last month shows a girl with similar attributes to the missing Madeleine in Morocco. Miraculously within that same photo, an image of Jesus Christ is also apparent in the background.

Does this picture show both Madeleine and Jesus Christ in Morocco?

"It's quite a revelation, actually" said a spokesperson for the family in England. "It's quite a miracle that she was spotted. It was an act of God".

Critics have their doubts about the photo of Madeleine. But clearly there's no doubt that Jesus in the flesh was alive in well as seen in the photograph.

"Christ and the resurrection has begun!" said one faithful Catholic, who passed out after witnessing Jesus in the photo.

"Morocco has always been a great country for celebrities and the uber-wealthy to escape too" said a spokeswoman for the Moroccan Board of Travel. "I'm glad even Jesus Christ himself agrees that Morocco is a great place to hide!".

Spanish and British authorities meanwhile will continue to monitor the search for Madeleine and also keep an eye out for Jesus as well.

"We thought we had him when his likeness appeared in the clouds above the White House in 1976 and again on that piece of french toast a few years back. But we're gonna get that son of a bitch...that I promise you!" said Sgt. Abdul Al-Sahr Jihad of the British Royal police.

Picture NOT of Madeleine, Jesus still on the loose...

Breaking news out of Morocco...the picture originally thought to be Madeleine McCann was actually of a Moroccan girl named Bouchra Akchar (bless you...thank you).

"While this is an unfortunate development in the search for young Madeleine, we're still after that bastard Jesus Christ" said Sgt. Abdul Al-Sahr Jihad.

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neil from the uk said...

haha nice...i'm so sick of madaleine...that's why i was hoping she'd turn up dead already!