Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's been a whirlwind since coming back from the wedding this weekend (which was an awesome time btw! Congrats again to John and ESR-W)

In fact I can't believe it's already Wednesday evening and I haven't even had a second to write to y'all - let alone catch up on my blog reading (I hear the grumblings - no worries my friends I'll get there!)

I wish I had something funny or witty to say at the moment but reality is I'm spent. Toast. My holy shit I have how much work to do part of my brain has completely enveloped my humor side of my brain. It's depressing really. I see something or hear something funny then seconds later it's gone. Vanished. I mean I'm not about to go all Owen Wilson on everyone (too soon?) but eventually I'll snap out of it.

Perhaps a visit from Cher herself would help me 'snap outta it'

I'll find my inspiration somehow, someway. Don't lose faith in me just yet. I'll get you laughing again shortly.

News team UNITE!

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