Thursday, September 06, 2007

Return of the "Mac"

Ok, so technically it's not return of 'the' Mac, but when I saw that the folks at Commodore are itching for a comeback, the Mark Morrison "Return of the Mac" song popped into my head.

Apparently Commodore is "resurrecting" itself in hopes to jump back into the PC gaming market.,0,2648046.story?track=rss

Personally I hope they stay as low end as possible with their graphics. I know I'd much rather play some old school Dr. J vs Larry Bird then play some futuristic crap game like Halo.

It's hard to top the graphics and game play of Dr. J vs Larry Bird for the Commodore

That and they should go old school with their computer processors too. I'm really sick of new age Windows crashing every other day or other problems that happen with our PC's these days.

Side note: speaking of crashes. I saw this nasty accident the other day. Happened and unfolded right in front of my eyes. Traffic was stopped at a green light as a Firetruck was approaching the intersection with its lights on and sirens blaring. Everyone was still so the firetruck proceeded through the intersection. Suddenly this Escalade decides to make a dash for it and ends up getting T-boned by the fire truck that was accelerating. The Escalade did a few 360s and smashed into a telephone pole, with one of its tires ending up down the street. I took some pics of the carnage:

The driver of the firetruck suffered minor injuries as did the drive of the Escalade. As one of the few eyewitnesses I stayed behind and gave my testimony of the accident. It was pretty crazy to watch the whole thing unfold. The driver of the Escalade was a 21 year old, and had just got the car last week. Apparently he was on his cell phone and wasn't paying attention.

Anyway, back in the olden days, the worst thing that could happen to you was your floppy disk broke. Otherwise, the computer was your canvas, and you could run scripts and draw designs at will (who could forget the old Turtle drawer or the old number formatting system. I spent hours as a child playing around with the old Turtle Logo drawer).

I'm probably the only one who longs for the olden days of video games. Then again you're talking about a guy who would rather plug in his Nintendo rather than an XBox360.

More to come later...including why everyone is telling me they love my giant 'peter'.


Anonymous said...

ah the good ole commodore days...they're better off keeping to themselves! ;)

AB said...

I feel like Escalades think they can do whatever they want. I'm not ok with that.

Olore said...

Dude you are old school. At least I had the Commodore 128 ! ... although Dr J vs Bird was the freakin best! Breaking the backboard on a dunk & having the janitor come out & sweep it! CLASSIC!

Oh.. and those sweet load times... we used to load it up, go eat dinner, come back, wait a few more minutes, then start playing. Yes we need more of that... it increases family time!

Conejito Perverso said...

I'm a little younger than you but yess old games are cool cuz they really were entretaining you could play hours and hours simple nice games that wouldn't need to learn tousands of rules and comands, by the way pretty nasty thing the scalade accident I get angry when I saw this kind of accidents that could be acoided with a little of common sencebut again the comon sence is not that comon!