Tuesday, October 09, 2007

No doubt about it...the Yankees Suck

I haven't busted out the shirt yet, but I'm very tempted to:

Good job coming through in the clutch yet again. Way to manufacture those runs guys. No need to attempt to steal a base or bunt someone other. Nah, just hit into double plays all night. That'll light up the scoreboard for sure.

Oh and to all the assholes who said to start Wang over Mussina even though Mussina is a grizzled veteran who is accustomed to playoff baseball - nicely done. Pricks. No one ever asks for my advice on the Yanks, but they should. I've been following the team for 25 years. Youth wins. Small ball wins. I'd rather try with the likes of young players like Andy Phillips and Bubba Crosby then lose with over the hill veterans like Gary Sheffield and Tony Clark. Lot of good those assholes did in 04.

It's time for change. Let the youth play. Even if you have to absorb a few losing seasons, i'd rather do that than watch "the highest paid team in baseball" fail to deliver time and time again.

BTW big props to the talented folks over at Boston Dirt Dogs (http://www.bostondirtdogs.com) for their humorous twist on the Yankees saga:

Good luck to the Sox dealing with the upstart Indians...hopefully they'll prove to be a better opponent than the 04 Cardinals. Maybe Borowski can channel some inner Ricky Vaughn and start blowing away the Sox.

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