Monday, March 19, 2007


Hope everyone had a good St. Paddy's day weekend of drinking and fun in the slush (for those in the east coast). That little thing called "March Madness" took up most of my time over the weekend. Between running my office pool and rooting on the Red Foxes (who lost to N.C. State on Fri night to end their N.I.T. run) it was a busy weekend. Luckily the Marist women represented and upset #4 seed Ohio State on saturday and play again tonight for all those interested:

Anyway, since I'm all basketball'd out today, I have a comment regarding errands. I went to the bank today to deposit some money around 3:30 (afternoon break) and noticed that everyone moves at a different speed during the day. I know this is not a shock to anyone since those who are out during the day either have no jobs, have part time jobs, or have jobs that require them to be out (messengers, delivery guys, personal shoppers, etc). But for everyone in a "non urgent" work related field they move slow as molasses. I know you're in no rush if you have nothing to do, but don't slow things down for the rest of us. I mean just a simple errand of running to the bank takes twice as long due to people moving slow to the bank, in the bank and behind the counter. Its like people, some of us have to go back to work today. Sometimes I think that some people are hired just to run people's errands (i know some of the wealthy have that - someone to pick up their laundry, do their banking, food shop, etc). And I don't blame those people for not hustling. But for everyone else I think there's a conspiracy by the government to pay people just to look busy during the day and get in everyone elses way. To show a city as "bustling" instead of dead. I know, I'm probably way off base, and frankly I'm too tired to list my points for and against my argument. Just annoyed that any errand, no matter how small, seems to take an hour during the working day. Don't believe me. Next time you're at the...

Post office. Look at the line for stamps/package mailing during the day. Ridiculous.

Food shopping. Double that line from the post office.

Clothes shopping. Better give yourself 2 hours at stores like the Gap where people just hang out all day.

Coffee at Starbucks. Take a half day.

Adult peep shows. umm...wait...that doesn't belong...but i'm sure the line is just as long!


roger said...

ha funny stuff. you talking about those places where they advertise 25 cent "peep shows?"

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