Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hunter Safety

So those who aren't aware, I completed and passed my hunter safety course a few weeks ago. Pretty exciting actually, considering I had to sit through 10 hours worth of classes and take a 50 question test. I ended up getting a 98 on the test (not sure what I got wrong), but was pretty proud of myself. I mean the test is mostly common sense, but being a Brooklyn boy, that's something we often lack!

Granted I probably won't have much opportunity to use a hunting license in NYC (Although there's about 10,000 pigeons I have my eyes on!), it's still good to have just in case I want to shoot anything besides clay targets. But the funny part was the other day I was out with Bridget, Juliana and Tanya at Tracy J's Watering Hole (on 19th btw Park and Lex). I had never been, but my father was friends with the owner Arthur (he used to do their air-conditioning) who happened to play for Duke back in the day. Anyway, they had Big Buck Hunter in the front of the bar. Bridget wanted to play so we pumped a few dollars in and went on an Elk hunt in Alaska.

Bridget took down a triple bull on her first round, which was pretty impressive since I've never gotten more than a double buck. It's my turn and I grab the gun. I instinctively, thanks to my hunter safety, grab the gun with two hands like it was loaded (rule #1, always treat a gun like it's loaded). I held the gun with one hand under the forearm and the other on the butt of the gun with my finger off the trigger in the two-handed carry position. As soon as the elks pranced on the screen I drew my gun up to my shoulder and fired. My form was perfect. Although the pump action of the gun on the game is annoying, and I only took down one buck. But it's funny how ingrained hunter safety and proper gun handling was in my head even playing buck hunter. I never did quite catch up to Bridget after her triple buck round, although I did hit plenty of buck but didn't take them down (I blame the gun!). I did fare better in the Dove round however (perhaps it was my championship form that aided me in those rounds!). Anyway I don't think I'll play Buck Hunter the same ever again!

Tonight starts the Madness. Time to let the beer flow, the wings go down and lose your voice screaming your heart out for the underdog even though they just destroyed your office pool! I love March Madness!!


roger said...

good ole buck hunter...good stuff.

Lin said...

You write very well.