Friday, March 02, 2007

Outdoor Life on the Colbert Report!

Some of you are aware, but for those who aren't, last week one of our senior writers made the fatal mistake of referring to a certain group of assault rifle owners as "terrorists" saying that they had no place in hunting and should be banned from the fields on his blog. Obviously that drew a lot of ire (including thousands of posts on his blog) forcing his sponsors (from his tv show) and ourselves to sever relationships with him. It was an unfortunate situation but addressed a deep issue inherent in gun owners and enthusiasts today. Some of the attacks on him were very personal and others more poignant. In either case this story gripped the hunting community and brought out the gun control lobbyists and pro gun lobbyists into the forefront heading into an election year.

Numerous articles have been written about the contraversy in the past few days, including a feature in the Washington Post. However the story just officially hit the "mainstream" in the past couple of days thanks to a feature on the Colbert Report. Here's the feature that ran. Very funny. Plus if you don't know the situation, it'll catch you up to speed on what happened.


Anonymous said...

Didn't hear about the story...nor do I care...but funny stuff anyway.

Roger said...

Funny...sorry for your loss. Hope the firings go well.

Tom said...

Colbert is genius!!!!!!