Monday, April 30, 2007

Nice time remind me to bring ear plugs

Hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was fun filled, despite the Yanks blowing chunks against the Sox. Although I did go to Saturday’s game which was won by the Yanks, 3-1. Bridget and I went to the game and I swear at least half the stadium was Red Sox fans. There were red shirts everywhere. Despite the game being entertaining (and the Yanks finally winning for once) our experience was sort of soured by the two young females sitting behind us. Young as in the under 10 year old young. Young as in their voices still hit shrieking levels that are as ear-splitting to humans as dog whistles are to dogs. For four hours we were subjected to “Let’s go Yankees, let’s go!” and “Derek Jeter” chants and screams. Which became incessancy annoying and louder as the game wore on, especially since they got into a shouting match with the two young boys in front of us (Red Sox fans). Their voices were so piercing that Bridget and I nearly swore off having girls should we ever decide to populate the world someday.

I mean the parent should’ve stepped in and told the girls to quiet a little. There was no reason to scream “Let’s go Yankees” between innings. I mean as if our holding our ears weren’t an indication of how loud they were screaming. I mean it’s great to bring your kids to a game and all, but like a crying baby during a movie, sometimes as a parent in that situation you just need to shut your child up! Now I can see why people bring earphones to the game! Could you imagine how loud their screams would’ve been had I been using the “Listen Up” device??

I think they should enact a rule similar to ejecting people for being drunk and belligerent. If your child shrieks to the point where other peoples ears start to bleed, they and their parents should be ejected from the game. Or forced to watch the game in a rubber, sound proof room where they can yell and scream as loud as they want. Maybe something to keep in mind for the new stadium?

Anyway, Saturday was a lonnggg day of drinking but kudos to the crew (you know who you are) for hanging in till 2am! And happy bday once again to Bridget! Our trip to White Castle at 3am definitely helped soak up the alcohol we consumed and we’re happy to report we have another Chicken Ring fan in the way of Bridget! Congrats and welcome to the club!

The Chicken Ring Club has another member!

For those “not in the club”, I’m telling you, if you haven’t tried them…do it. The White Castle chicken rings are much better than those Chicken Fries things at the BK! Plus you get like 20 of them in a sack for only $6. Can’t beat that!

One of the funnier repeated sayings of the weekend was from the new ESPN commercial featuring Jorge Posada and David Ortiz. If you haven’t seen it, it’s hysterical. The premise is Ortiz is caught by the Red Sox mascot, Wally, wearing a Yankees hat.

I love the line by Ortiz: “No Wally, No. It’s not what you think.” Good stuff. Pretty funny, especially if you’re in tune with the whole Red Sox vs Yankees rivalry. If not, then you probably won’t be as amused by it.

Anyway, it’s back to work to tend to more SPAM business. That and I need to work on a Gore-Tex proposal. Although every time I think of Gore-Tex I think of that Seinfeld episode where George is wearing the Gore-Tex jacket and knocks over everything in the wine store. In my opinion it’s one of the best episodes of Seinfeld ever.

Although it’s more famously known for being the episode about two other things: the debate on chocolate vs cinnamon babka and the infamous “Look to the Cookie” line where Jerry relates racial equality to a black and white cookie.

Although looking back at the clip maybe Michael Richards (Kramer) should have said that line instead of Jerry? That could have saved him some trouble recently. Hey-oh.


roger said...

Look to the cookie!

Shye said...

why does it take 4 minutes longer to make fries at white castle than it does to make sliders? and who was throwing air biscuits this weekend?

Sugar Smacks said...

Hey Chris, I was writing a post (not posted yet) about people in crowds or on the subway who invade your space. I think those kids would have driven me "batty (I think that's a pun)".

I just realized I'm not on your wordpress site, I'm so confused.

well, next time then...

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