Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Queer Eye for the Subway Guy

So last night I was taking the 6 train downtown at the 33rd Street station. I had just missed a train so I was reading our latest issue of Field & Stream and leaning against one of the subway stations posts. No one was really on the platform so it was nice and empty for a change.

After a minute or so of standing there I hear some footsteps coming towards me. I look up from the magazine and see a very well dressed man about 25 feet away in a blue, 8 button trenchcoat and khaki pants walking towards me. His hands were in his pockets and he was walking very briskly with a proper, upright walk. I see combed-back blond hair and a slightly tanned complexion. I squint (I didn’t have my glasses on) and oh my god…it’s Carson Kressley from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!

Carson brought fashion to the 6 train last night

No, it can’t be? On the subway of all places? I look down at my magazine and look up again…and he’s now 10 feet away from me. He shoots me a quick look and then looks straight ahead. I must have given him a deer in headlights look as I tried to confirm it was definitely him. Before I could say “Hey Carson” he continues his brisk walk down the subway platform.

Is this terribly exciting? No not really, except for the fact I never have celebrity sightings. Let alone actually recognize a celebrity in the first place. Although I’m sure Carson took one look at me and saw a tragically dressed figure with my $29.99 black Slates pants from Macy’s with one of the hems falling off the cuff, a $50 pair of imitation designer black dress loafers bought at DSW, my 4 year old grey crew neck Banana Republic Sweater that is so stretched out Professor Klump could fit in it and my blue and white Columbia ski jacket on. Figures the one person in this world who makes a living judging fashion and there I am, dressed worse than most homeless people! I’m sure his pair of socks probably cost more than my entire outfit!

Professor Klump looked like a GQ model compared to how I was dressed!

I’m not the one to be star struck having been around “celebrities” for most of my teenage years working in the Catskills (if you consider the likes of John Pinette, Howie Mandel, Air Supply, Frankie Valle, among many others “celebrities” of course!). And actually I probably would have asked Carson how the show was doing or if they needed another male volunteer for the show (my wardrobe could use some serious help!). But thanks to not having my glasses on and not expecting the celebrity sighting, I may have missed my one chance to get a fashion makeover! Dammit.

Oh well…pretty funny though, he’s the last person I’d expect to be riding the subways. It appears that he got off at Union Square so I’m sure he was hounded then by all those “hippie chic NYU-sters”. But it was nice to see a celebrity for a change. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t see them running around!

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roger said...

damn you must have looked like shit then! haha