Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Time "Killing" Game of the Day

Since its a gloomy and rainy Wednesday here in the NYC, its a great time to cheer yourself up with a family friendly game! Today's "time killing" game comes courtesy of Adult Swim (kudos to Juliana for the find!).

The game is entitled: 5 Minutes to Kill Yourself.

Why are you killing yourself you ask? Well your boss just asked you to come into another waste of your time meeting and frankly you've had enough. So you use anything in your reach, staplers, scissors, lighters, talking to other coworkers, etc, to expediate your death.

Not that I'm condoning such behavior, but as a game it's fairly entertaining. Definitely worth a play or two. Or ten.

Anyway, now that I've helped destroy corporate productivity in the workplace today, I'm reaching out to all of my British friends out there. In May, I'll be making my first visit to London and I'm looking for any suggestions on fun things to do or good places to eat. I know the obvious "must-do" tourist attractions are Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, etc...but anything else you suggest I should see or do while I'm out and about in England is more than welcomed! You know fun things like swimming in the Thames, punching a Bobbie in the face, handing out Beckhams are Gods pamphlets, you stuff like that. I'm sure I'll have plenty to talk about regarding British pedestrian behavior and the vast world of the underground, but anything "out of the ordinary" or off the beaten path you'd like me to check out I'd be more than happy too. Although if it leads to any jail time I'm knocking on your door for some bail money!

In other world news, I was deeply saddened to see that Pippi Longstocking passed away today. I've been a long time fan. Although I was surprised to see that she was living in Asia (Hong Kong) and she had her hair darkened and her freckles removed. Although it was no surprise to me that she was the richest woman in Asia, all those royalties she made off her movie and books deals must have been astronomical! But nonetheless she'll sure be missed!


neil from the uk said...

how about wearing an arsenal jersey to a manchester u match...i'm sure that would be a fun experience for you!

aussieblogger said...

ouch...way to poke fun of the dead!

olore said...

You want to kill some time? Check this out!

Maybe now I can finally get past 8-3 in SMB!