Thursday, April 05, 2007

A simple "Thank You" would've been nice

So I’m walking into the side entrance of my building this morning after acquiring my morning breakfast. Our side entrances are magnetic key card entry only. I open the door and look back to see if anyone is coming towards the door to save them the hassle of digging up their ID card. I see this guy about 25 feet away coming towards the door. He’s carrying a coffee, a newspaper, his briefcase and another bag with his breakfast presumably. I see that he’s struggling to walk so I wait by the door and hold it open for him, figuring that he'd probably drop his coffee or something if he tried to open the door himself. I wait about 4-5 seconds and he comes to the door.

He enters the building and I say nothing and start walking. Although I expected something. A "thank you". Or "thanks". Or "much appreciated". Nothing. Not even a head nod. I would have taken the simple nod as a sign of appreciation. I mean I waited at least what the "acceptable" waiting time for holding a door for someone would be.

What is acceptable door holding waiting time you ask? Well that depends. Generally if you know the person is coming into your building behind you within the next 5 seconds, it's a given that you should at least attempt to hold the door open for them (unless you happen not to like that person). Anything over 5 seconds is very generous. Ten seconds is a great gesture. Anything above 10 seconds is very generous although not completely necessary, unless you:
a)know the person
b)see they have a lot to carry and would struggle to open the door
c)see that they have a physical handicap

But if the person is able bodied and you don't know them...if you're holding the door for more than 15-20 seconds you're being extremely generous. Either that or your just jonesing for a compliment. Or you're just trying to "pay it forward" and hope that good karma comes back to you later in the day.

Anyway, so this prick basically didn't say anything. I decided to let it slide since it's in the morning and he had a lot in his hands.

I swipe myself into my building and go into the elevators. We have two elevator banks, a local and an express. My floor (10) is both a local and express stop. But normally I take the local cause its less crowded. Our elevators wait on the ground floor until another elevator in the bank comes down before that one goes up. So I'm waiting in the elevator for a good 15 seconds and finally the doors begin to close. Suddenly I see someone walking towards the door so I put out my arm to open the door. It's the same guy, with his coffee, briefcase, newspaper and bag. What do I get as a thank you? Nothing.

Fucking nothing.

No "thanks". Or "thank you". If he was a fuckin mute I would have accepted a head nod. Nope, just a blank stare after he pushed the button for his floor.

Are you fucking kidding me? I held the door open for you not once but twice. And you can't even respond with a simple thanks? Fucking asshole. I mean I could have easily just let both doors slam in his face leaving him to fend for himself. But nope, I saw his hands were full so I decided to help him out. Maybe he didn't want my help? Well that's not my fault. He could have acknowledged that I made his life a little easier this morning and saved him from spilling his precious Starbucks all over himself. Even if he was an arrogant scumbag (which apparently he is) a quiet nod of appreciation would have been a nice gesture. Am I wrong here?

I saw what floor you got off on asshole. You work for New York Newsday. Your paper sucks dick. Fucking prick. Why don't you fall between the cracks of the LIRR and the platform and just end your miserable life. Asshole. I love it when these "tough guys" from Long Island come into the city and act like big shots. You know damn well if this was Great Neck or Ronkonkoma or wherever they're from on the island, they would have held the door open at their precious little coffee shop and said "thank you". Or "good day". Nope...they come into the "big, bad" city and they need to act like fucking pricks.

Anyway, maybe he was in a sour mood because it was flurrying this morning. Or his maid showed up late. Whatever. He's still a fucking asshole. I hope you choke on your cheaply produced paper. Your lucky I don't remember what you look like. Cause next time I'll slam the door on your fuckin face.

Have a pleasant day everyone...and remember to be kind to each other out there.

Post blog note: As of 2pm EST i’ve held the door open for 5 different people and they all said thank you.


neil from the uk said...

what a miserable wanker!

aussieblogger said...

i'll send a kangaroo up there to kick him backwards next time. that would be jolly good fun!

olore said...

Dude.. you waited too long. He probably was too afraid to say anything cuz he thought you would ask him out on a date.

If the dude isn't right behind you, pretend like you didnt see him.

If it's a chick, especially a hot one... the 5 sec rule applies. But not for dudes.