Monday, June 05, 2006

Enough is enough already...

Ok, I've officially had enough of the gentrification of New York. First they close the White Castle on 5th and 33rd to pave way for yet another "luxury development". Ok, fine. But you've really pissed me off.

Very few of you have probably been to Roll N Roaster, but some of you have heard me rant and rave about it. It's a Brooklyn institution. Located in Sheepshead Bay, it's the ultimate in "fast food" and is a late night staple of anyone out late drinking. Known for it's motto, "Cheeze on anything you pleeze" it's specialities are Roast Beef on a roll, mozzarella sticks and waffle fries (with lots of CHEEZE of course). Anyway, last year they opened a Manhattan location on 3rd and 11th. I was obviously delighted about it. Critics mocked it as "kvitchy and trying to be cute". TRYING??? Obviously if you haven't been to the original you wouldn't realize it was nearly an exact replica. Ok, so maybe the workers in the Manhattan location were "poor" NYU student workers instead of the "been around the block a few times" Brooklyn girlz that work in the Sheepshead Bay location, but that's part of the charm. Others called it "dirty". I mean so it wasn't a fuckin martini bar but it wasn't filthy like the various Papaya King places. And you mean to tell me Ray's Pizza on a late Friday night is clean? Assholes.

So I happen to be in that area on Saturday night and I thought, while I'm down here I should stop in to get a snack. Well imagine my surprise when I walk past and it's closed. FUCKIN CLOSED. Probably to pave way for some trendy bullshit place that these little non New York raised NYU shitheads can lounge out in and pay $100 for a Grey Goose Tonic. I honestly knew the place was doomed and even mockingly said on Saturday night to Deb, Dan and Erika before I went there that "I was going there if it was still open". I should've known. I guess poor job by Roll N Roaster by going the way of Junior's and Lundy's and Totonno's trying to duplicate their successes in Brooklyn into Manhattan. But really, it was the perfect choice for that neighborhood since people are out all hours of the night. So I don't blame them there. I blame these little snobby assholes that now infest the area. At first I didn't sympathize with the East Village and Alphabet City residents who complained that their neighborhoods were being gentrified. But now I understand. And can sympathize. Cause now I too have been stung by this "luxury movement" in NYC. And it's happening in East Harlem too. There's 5 trendy martini bars on 1st Avenue between 106 and 118. Of course a Mama's Fried Chicken had to take the fall for a place called "Orbit" that serves $12 mojitos to the "rich" people of East Harlem. What's next, White Castle on 103rd becomes a Cosi? Kennedy Fried Chicken becomes a Chipolte? Unreal.

Anyway, onto funnier news...apparently tomorrow is 666, therefore the end of the world as we know it. Actually has the odds of the world ending tomorrow at 100,000 to 1. I'm not kidding. Here's the article

Also there's a party in Hell, Michigan. I didn't even know there was a Hell in Michigan. But here's the link to that story: Party Planned in Hell

I would put a few bucks down on the world ending, although I would have to hope that not only I would survive but also whatever island is home to But thoeretically I could become the richest man on the planet. Take that Bill Gates.


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