Monday, June 19, 2006

Starting Anew

So i'm officially settled in on Day 1 at Field & Stream / Outdoor Life. I gotta tell you, it feels weird to be at a new desk. There's something about getting taken out of your comfort zone that makes you feel like a freshman on the first day of college. Like you're trying to feel your way out and fit in with the "IT crowd" even if you have no idea who the IT crowd is yet. Even at 29 years old, and having had 7-8 jobs already, there's no amount of experience that can prepare you for starting over. Just a weird feeling.

Anyway things are well on day 1...although my mouse is on the fritz already. But I have this nice mounted deer looking over me on the wall. Just like the Robert Goulet skit in SNL where he has a stare off with the antelope. "You win, you always do". Anyway, the deer is literally looking right at me. Don't believe me? See for yourself:

Well that's to be expected here I guess. Fits in nicely with the bear skin rugs and other trophy mounts hanging on the walls every 20 or so feet. Also gotta love the gun racks sitting randomly throughout the office. So in case another civil war breaks out, I'll have my handy emergency musket and bayonnet handy to defend our freedom.

That's all the fun for now...I have to bury myself in readying for this year's "Deer of the Year" awards. Yep, gonna have me a good ole time with this one. Start getting the "might be a redneck" jokes ready. Hopefully I can also push them to do "mullet of the year". That would be killer.

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