Tuesday, June 27, 2006

This is why I love him

No, this is not about what you think it's about (Not that there's anything wrong with it). And maybe "Love" is the wrong word to use. Maybe admire, enjoy, like, etc would be more appropriate. Anyway, some of you have probably heard me tell you to read some of Bill Simmons' stuff on ESPN.com. He's a great writer and grew up in the 70s/80s with many of the sames likes (sports obviously, wrestling and general tv nonsense) as I did. Anyway, not that I'm here to gloat about him, but every once in a while he writes an article I can't resist but sharing with everyone. This one relates to pop culture so those non-sports enthusiasts have plenty to relate to. But these sports references are also classic. Basically he talks about his favorite YouTube clips of all time and how much of a historical record of pop culture events it helps us keep. Here's a quick snippet of his article:

"YouTube brings past memories to life and gives you new ones. I never thought I would see Michael Jackson's initial moonwalk during "Motown 25" again (hard to believe it was such a huge deal at the time); the watershed Stan Jonathan-Pierre Bouchard fight; the ridiculous Michael Jackson-Lisa Marie Presley kiss; a Boston fan being brave enough to walk through the Yankee Stadium bleachers dressed in Sox gear (too many obscenities involved for me to provide the link); an ancient and somewhat deranged Iron Sheik threatening to sodomize various wrestlers (can't link to that either); Fonzie jumping the shark (literally); or even David Letterman's heartfelt monologue right after the 9/11 attacks. But I watched all of those clips in the span of two hours last week."

Anyway, so now that you've undoubtely want to read more, click here to view the full article. I promise you'll find some of it funny, or be able to take a quick trip down memory lane. He also provides links to all of the clips he references which is definitely worth watching if nothing else, including:

Watching Jean Claude Van Damme dance.
Bruce Springsteen singing terribly.
Mike Tyson's interview where he threatens to eat Lenox Lewis' kids
Vanilla Ice trashing an MTV set
Some ridiculous clip on Journey's "Separate Ways" video
And lots lots more...

Definitely worth the look when you have a moment.

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