Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Laws of Physics

Sorry for the delay in posting here. If anyone is even still coming here to read this blog :)

Anyway it's been busy for me the last week or so. As some of you know I have taken a new job over at Time Inc at Field & Stream and Outdoor Life. Yep, going to do some huntin and fishin with good ole' middle america. I start on Monday, so I'm sure to have some great material in the future about 10 point bucks, large mouth bass and lots of Jack Daniel drinkin, straw chewin lil hoedowns. So y'all come back now, y' hear!

Anyway, laws of physics. Now granted I only got a 75 on my New York State regents in Physics, but I know a little bit about the forces of nature. So let's say when you have a 5'2" 110 lb person walking towards you with their head down playing with their crackberry and myself who's about 6' 220+ lbs walking down the street with a duffel bag that weighs 20 or so lbs, one would figure that the lesser weight person, had she been paying attention, would have nimbly moved out of my way. But being that she was on her crackberry (and she obviously didn't read my rant about how I would throw a body check on the next person that wasn't paying attention while playing with their little mind control toy) she plowed right into me, well into the barrel of the baseball bats I had protruding out of the duffel bag I was carrying. Please note I tried to pull my bag out of the way, but she pretty much walked into me. And she had the nerve to look at me like I did something wrong. Lady, I got news for you, you're lucky I didn't pull an Abner Louima on your ass and all you got was a bump with the barrel of the bat. Next time I'm ripping the blackberry out of your hands and smashing it to smitherines on the ground.

Anyway they're giving away free ice cream as part of tenant appreciation day in our building. Can't pass that up. Hope they also appreciate the mice that run around at night too, wouldn't want Squeaky to be left out of the celebration.

Until next time...which will hopefully be sooner than last time...

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