Thursday, June 21, 2007

For Real?

So get this...a New Zealand couple has been barred from calling their newborn son: "4real".

Yes, they actually want to name their child "4real".

I mean...why not name their child 4real? There's tons of famous people with numbers in their name. I mean look how famous 2Pac became! What about that guy 50cent? He's done pretty well for himself. So why not 4real?

According to the article, the couple was told by New Zealand's Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages, that "names beginning with a number were against the rules".

Against the rules? What rules would those be? Those rules that "society" imposed on us. Is there some sort of naming law out there we don't know about? Does everyone need to be named "Bob" or "Jim" or "Mary"?

The Registry further states that the "rules are designed to prevent names that are likely to cause offense to a reasonable person".

Yes because 4real is sooooooo offensive. Wait your name is 4real? Fuck you, you heartless bastard. Why don't you just die!

At least 4real is easy to pronounce, unlike the names of some other people from other countries, like Madagascar.

Plus this kid could have all sorts of nicknames. Like "foe"...or "real"...or "four". At least they weren't thinking of naming him something like Oswipe. Or Dick (no offense to those Richard's or Dick's out there of course).

I think this just opened the door for all sorts of possibilities. It wasn't too long ago that there was a big hubbub over that couple that wanted a corporate sponsor for their baby's name.

In fact if I ever decide to populate this world with a child (heathen) then I may just throw out the naming book and be inventive.

How bout naming my child "4shizzle"? Or "2badtobegood". Or "1+1=getoutofmyfacemothafucka".

The possibilities are endless!

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neil from the uk said...

its pretty ridiculous if you ask me...but hey, its their child!