Monday, June 18, 2007

"Would you show a little courtesy?"

So I'm in the elevator this morning with another woman and the door is starting to close. As the door is more than half way closed, this lady frantically sticks her arm in to open the door. The door keeps closing on her arm so she moves in between the closing door. The door, which normally would spring back open doesn't. The woman looks at me and says "Would you show a little courtesy and open the door for me instead of just watching?" I go and hit the open door button and the door releases its death grip on her.

Instead of saying thank you the lady berates me for not helping her out. Normally that would be grounds for me to rip her to shreds with a verbal tirade she probably had never heard the likes of. But I was in a good mood so I bit my tongue and calmly said "Next time you shouldn't throw your body into the doors it's not a very safe thing to do". That of course wasn't good enough for this lady who kept barking at me about how inconsiderate I was to leave her stuck and blah blah blah.

Listen you little witch. It's not my fault you tried to stick your appendages into a closing door last second. If the door was just starting to close that would be one thing. But the door was well past the half way closing point. That's when you step away and wait 2 seconds for the next elevator. Especially when the door doesn't respond to you trying to open it. But nope, this woman felt the need to shove her whole body in the door, basically risking getting herself trapped.

The other lady in the elevator with me gets out on the same floor and we look at each other and laugh. She was like "that bitch was rude". At least that made me feel better knowing I was in the clear.

But all in all I'm shocked at myself for showing restraint. Normally one to fly off the handle rather quickly, I stayed composed and calm. No talking about her momma. No making fun of her little house on the prairie outfit. No talking about her hair which looks like it hadn't been cut since 1985. Nothing.

I think its the humidity. It beats me down. Takes away my spunk. I don't do well in the humidity. My internal temperature runs hot as it is...the humidity just overheats me.

Anyway off to a meeting...I'll be back shortly with some funnier news for you.

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