Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Furthering the Rivalry

When you think Yankees and Red Sox you think rivalry.

Intense rivalry.

Rivals on the field.

Rivals in the stands.

Rivals in ice cream?

On my trip to Boston this weekend to historic Fenway, which I've actually come to appreciate more in my "older years", I noticed an ice cream stand outside of the stadium. Walking towards it I expected it to be no other than Dippin Dots, the self proclaimed "ice cream of the future" that is served at Yankee Stadium (which you'll remember I spoke about a few weeks ago after trying them for the first time). But lo and behold it wasn't Dippin Dots but something called Itti Bitz.

"Little Bitz of Ice Cream Fun"

What kind of fuckin name is Itti Bitz??? Can you imagine a child asking his mother for Itti Bitz???? Hell no. Asking for some Dots is much cooler! Just see for yourself:

"Yo ma...get me some Itti Bitz"

"Yo ma...get me some Dippin Dots"

Case closed.

So while Fenway by and large has better concessions than Yankee stadium (if you haven't been, they've done tons to improve their concessions in the past few years while Yankee stadium has some of the worst concessions in the league. Average wait time for a beer in Fenway is about 2 minutes. Average wait time in Yankees Stadium about 30 mins. Trust me on that one.) a point in the rivalry does go to the Yankees for better ice cream concession. A small victory for Yanks fans to hang their hats on considering we don't have much else going for us these days!

In other news, Bridget forwarded me this viral video Bud Light produced called the "Swear Jar". Pretty funny...employees have to donate a $1 for every swear word they say in the work place, which gets pooled to buy cases of Bud Light.

Something to implement in your own workplace perhaps???

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neil from the uk said...

haha...good stuff!